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Stefan KoselWe are building a community for real estate professionals providing digital marketing resources, tutorials, forums, insights and support. Members have access to in-depth content, videos and courses that help agents and brokers to better understand, develop and manage successful digital and social media campaigns.

Good marketing is key for real estate success, yet many agents and brokers struggle with the complexity of digital marketing, pouring money into endless offerings of ‘turn-key’ leadgen systems or Zillow in hope of quick results. Hope, however, is not a strategy. The Agents.Guide offers the resources and support so you can create actionable marketing strategies that deliver quantifiable results and navigate the digital and social media ecosystem with knowledge and confidence.


Your Online Marketing Companion


Exchange, share and discuss questions, insights and experiences with your industry peers and marketing experts.

Knowledge Base

Learn essential marketing lingo, concepts and strategies that will empower you working with contractors and agencies.

Actionable Insights

Get real estate specific advice with in-depth blogs, videos, growth hacks, tips & tricks, reviews and recommendations.

Hands-On Tutorials

Follow hands-on tutorials that provide real estate relevant step-by-step instructions to improve your digital marketing performance.

Assets & Resources

Download layouts, templates and creative assets that will help you define your brand and stand out from cookie-cutter platforms.

Expert Help

Get access to marketing experts. Post questions in the forums, Facebook group or schedule a one-on-one session to get you going.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Video Marketing Guide
  • Measure and Value Digital Marketing
  • Generate Leads on LinkedIn
  • Deploy Push Notifications
  • LeadGen in Content Channels
  • Digital Profile Check-Up
  • Social Accounts Management
  • Prospecting on Quora
  • Learning GEO Targeting
  • Guide to Media Channels
  • Funnel Marketing Strategies
  • Building and Hosting a Website
  • 24/7 Response System
  • Google SEM Explained
  • Find & Hire Freelancers
  • Digital Giveaways for LeadGen
  • Open House LeadGen
  • Setup a YouTube Channel
  • Build Your Online Brand
  • Google Ad Formats & Templates
  • Workflow Tools and Apps
  • How to Write an RFP
  • Image & Video Editing
  • Shooting Video on Mobile
  • Guide to Using Email
  • Learn Audience Segmentation
  • Find and Curate Content
  • Google Local Strategies
  • Top Website Mistakes
  • Use Instagram Effectively
  • Setup Facebook for Marketing
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • Video for LeadGen
  • Costs of Digital Marketing
  • Music for Videos
  • Social Media for LeadGen
  • Ad Formats Explained
  • Using VR Codes
  • Mastering Data & Analytics

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