You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create compelling content such as property tours. Most smartphones have high quality video capabilities, however, hand held phone videos often turn out pretty bad.
There are usually two key issues: #1 shakyness and #2 bad sound. Fortunately you can greatly improve your video quality by using some basic accessories like a stabilizer and external microphone.

With Coronavirus social distancing and shelter-at-home directives being the new normal, real estate agents should switch to virtual open houses to keep buyers engaged. Most real estate professionals are probably aware of live streaming features on Facebook, Youtube or Zoom, but without having a basic understanding of how live streaming works, getting started can be intimidating. This article outlines the most important live streaming solutions and provides some valuable tips and resources to help you get started hosting virtual open houses with ease and confidence.

Spark is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. Adobe has long been the leader in professional creative software such a Photoshop for digital imaging or Premiere Pro for video editing. These tools have a steep learning curve and complex features that go far beyond the needs of the average user. With Spark Adobe adds a much more user friendly simple to learn app to its Creative Cloud. Its slogan is ‘Create in Minutes’ which is reflected in the simplicity of the user interface and options.

Staging listings has become a staple for high end properties and there is no shortage on companies and consultants offering staging services. However, physically staging can get costly and is often not an option for lower end listings or apartments. Another much cheaper option to visualize the potential of a property is using virtual staging.

Everyone should be familiar with Google Maps, a ubiquitous tools used to get directions, check traffic and find nearby businesses.  What you might not know is that you can easily create your own custom maps that you can then share on social channels or embed as ontent into your website. In fact Maps is a great free tool to quickly create shareable original content.

If you’re thinking about getting your own personal website you’re probably wondering what all is involved. To give you a starting point here is a blueprint of how to setup a WordPress website for agents.

A key part of your digital marketing strategy should be content. And as you probably know creating content can be difficult. Creating video content is even more daunting but has to be a central part of your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to make a memorable first impression when meeting prospects consider handing them a business card with a payoff. You’re probably considering business cards ‘old school’ and not an effective marketing tool, something people just discard. However, once you add some value you can turn this simple first introduction into a memorable positive experience.

Consider handing out a Starbucks business gift card. This little known Starbucks offering lets you create custom personalized business cards with an added gift card value. Upload your own logo and contact info and then choose a redeemable gift card amount. The familiar Starbucks logo and branding will immediately connect with your prospects and ensure they will hold on to your card. Who would turn down a free premium coffee? Even better, the next time they crave a coffee and stop by a Starbucks they will remember you fondly.

Granted, handing out $5 gift cards to everyone you meet can get pricy quickly. and you pre-pay for the card value regardless if the prospect actually redeems the card. You can maximize the ROI of this concept by taking this a bit further. Instead of using Starbucks pre-paid gift cards consider this much better and cheaper community option:

Approach a local popular coffee shop and ask the owner if he will do a local customer cross-promotion. You will hand out custom cross-branded business gift cards but this time the cards are not pre-paid but rather a redeemable coupon. You will pay the coffee shop for every card redeemed at his store. In this arrangement you can market the gift cards freely without paying for any unused cards. The shop owner should be happy to get a free promotion and new customers in the door for no cost. If the shop uses a digital point of sales system you might even require an email address or phone number to redeem the card, thus creating valuable leads.

This general concept should work with other businesses in your local market.


Starbucks Corporate Products

Custom Plastic Business Cards

Digital marketing can be a daunting task for all real estate professionals. Having the right tools at your disposal can greatly enhance your productivity and quality of marketing collateral. Here are 10 tools you should consider.