How to Create an Interactive Neighborhood Google Map

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Everyone should be familiar with Google Maps, a ubiquitous tools used to get directions, check traffic and find nearby businesses.  What you might not know is that you can easily create your own custom maps that you can then share on social channels or embed as ontent into your website. In fact Maps is a great free tool to quickly create shareable original content.

So how is it done? As with most Google Apps you first need to login to your Google account with a Gmail email. It requires a few clicks to get to custom maps: Go to then open the top left menu and select “Your Places” then click on “Maps” which will reveal a button at the bottom of the panel “Create Map”. This will create a new custom map that you can then populate with your own points of interest such as properties for sale, local hot spots, schools etc.

Once your map is done you can then share it directly on your social accounts or generate HTML code that can be embedded into your blog or website.

Watch the video for more detailed how-to instructions. Here are some of the key Map’s features:

  • Batch upload content via Google Sheets or CSV files
  • Create custom content categories that a user can toggle on or off
  • Use custom icons for location markers
  • Use Google search to add locations/places
  • Use Google search to add images and videos to locations
  • Customize the look of the map

Here is the result of the custom map created in the above video:

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  1. greig.porter
    greig.porter says:

    This tutorial was really helpful. I plan to try it out today and can see many uses for this implementation. I’m curious to see how many variations of this can be made.

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