Easy Virtual Staging and Image Enhancements

Virtual Staging

Staging listings has become a staple for high-end properties and there is no shortage on companies and consultants offering staging services. However, physically staging can get costly and is often not an option for lower end listings or apartments. Another much cheaper option to visualize the potential of a property is using virtual staging. As the name hints virtual staging is done entirely through digital imaging often using 3D software to alter the interior or exterior of a property and generate rendered photos or or even 360 videos. The biggest advantage compared to physical staging is that you can easily generate different looks and styles e.g. modern versus rustic or showing different color palettes. This helps buyers better envision the  potential of an empty space to their personal liking.

This service is gaining popularity due to the versatility, quick turnaround times and most importantly low cost. Freelancers on Fivrr offer starting rates as low as $5 per photo. Beware though of the quality of work as bad staging can reflect badly on both the property and you the agent. As is often the case, you get what you pay for.

You can also turn to full-service agencies like https://www.boxbrownie.com that offer a wide variety of affordable digital imaging services:

  • Virtual Staging
  • Image Enhancements
  • Item Removal
  • Renders
  • Virtual Renovations
  • Retouching

All these services are also available on Fivrr. Give it a try.

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